The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

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Epiphany 7c, 2019

You benefit immensely when you choose to forgive and so does everyone around you. Whether you need to forgive others, or need to forgive     yourself, doing so sets you free from the past and enables you to fulfil your true potential. Forgiveness allows you to break free from limiting beliefs and attitudes. It frees up […]

Epiphany 6c, 2019

Ancient Celtic Christianity over centuries developed a spirituality that was characterized by a remarkable sense of the constant presence of God.     Below is an example of one of these ancient orally transmitted prayers. Bless to me, O God, Each thing mine eye sees; Bless to me, O God, Each sound mine ear hears; Bless to […]

Epiphany 5c, 19

Like Peter, none of us thinks of ourselves as evangelists. Let alone that we might heal people or write scripture. But one day, a letter you write to someone might bring that someone closer to God in Christ. That is scripture. One day you will reach out to care for someone and they will be […]

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