The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

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Advent 2a, 2019

The lessons for this second Sunday in Advent are absolutely magnificent in their belief in, understanding of and knowledge about life in the kingdom of God. What do we have here, from the Psalms, through Isaiah, Romans and Matthew? What will it be like? There will be an abundance of food and understanding and wisdom. […]

Advent 1a, 2019

In the next four weeks, we will be waiting for the celebration of Christmas. As Christians that means to celebrate Jesus Christ coming into our world and our lives in the form our own human flesh. May we watchfully read the scriptures and pray often in the days ahead. May we abandon all our anxiety […]


Saints are people who live in the love of God, people who let the light of God’s Son shine through them. It doesn’t matter if they are an Archbishop in England, a civil rights leader in the United States, or an elderly nun in India – or the woman from our church of St. Andrew’s, […]