The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

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Easter 3b, 2018

Clergy and Lay Chalice Assistants are the ones who distribute communion in our        congregation, giving bread and saying, “The Body of Christ”.  But in a way, everyone laity and clergy alike, distribute the Body of Christ in various ministries.  Imagine when you give a cheque to a worthwhile charity, placing it in the treasurer’s hand […]

Easter 2b, 2018

Easter is what Jesus comes to show us – that by faith we too will not let the bad win out at the last. Easter is this: that we can see the possibilities that come from joining Thomas in affirming Jesus as he did, saying, “My Lord and My God.” This assertion of belief will […]

Palm Sunday, 2018

After Palm Sunday, so filled with triumph and hope, the darkness of the events of Holy Week casts its shadow over us all. In remembering the events of this crucial week in the long unfolding of humanity’s history, we are filled with sorrow and then with gratitude. We will not be abandoned to remain in […]