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Pentecost 5b, 2018

The early Christians adopted a simple drawing of a boat with a cross for a mast as the symbol of the church. In an age of persecutions from the outside and controversy and conflict on the inside, in their experience, the emerging church must have seemed like a boat on a storm-tossed sea. Recalling the […]

Pentecost 4b, 2018

In today’s gospel passage, Jesus speaks in parables – again. He does that a lot. Jesus frequently uses this particular literary device to get his point across. And in this passage from Mark’s gospel, we hear that Jesus preached only in parables, “as they were able to hear.” Parables are brief stories that illustrate a […]

Pentecost 3b, 2018

One way that churches can become distracted from faithfully following Jesus is by focusing on entertainment rather than transformation. When churches focus on entertainment, it is almost as if they exist in a vacuum. Walk in the doors, and it is as if you’ve entered another dimension, completely cut off from the cares and concerns […]

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