The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

Saints are people who live in the love of God, people who let the light of God’s Son shine through them. It doesn’t matter if they are an Archbishop in England, a civil rights leader in the United States, or an elderly nun in India – or the woman from our church of St. Andrew’s, Kohimarama, who brings flowers to our hospital room or meals to our homes. Or the man who works for a better education system or helps build low-income housing. All of them share a common vision of righteousness, mercy, and peace. The saints of God are among us. The saints of God are us!

God loves us, and has a purpose for each and every one of us in bringing about the reign of heaven here on earth. None of us should feel discouraged because our part doesn’t seem very big – it is the part that God has chosen specially for us and for no one else. The great saints have understood this. Archbishop Temple wrote that “the whole harmony of creation depends upon the offering by each humblest spirit of its own appropriate note of music which no other can sound without discord.” We each have our part to sing. No one else – great or small – can sing it for us. It doesn’t matter how well we sing – if only the beautiful and strong voices join the chorus, the music will be thin and empty. Hallelujah! – Let us each sing our part boldly as we sing with and among the saints of God. Our loving God takes pleasure in the sound of all the voices of the saints together. Come, join in the song of your fellow saints.

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