The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

Pentecost 13c, 2019

Pick up your cross and follow me, are words that ring through the Christian experience. It is in carrying our own cross and sacrificing ourselves to God that we become disciples of God. But this is not easy. We must love; we must love those who hate us. We must love those who are different from ourselves. We must love, even when we do not want to love; we can love in the name of Christ. But we must also act.

Today God calls the disciples of Jesus Christ to love, take action and live out the life that Christ began some 2000 years ago. Jesus commanded us to proclaim the Good News. So, go from this place not just rejoicing solely in the power of the spirit but with the power of the spirit, with a new step and a new vision of fulfilling God’s will in this unloving and uncaring world.  Pentecost 13c 19