The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

Easter 4c, 2019

Today, in the midst of the stories of Christ’s appearances, we are called to remember that these miracles, wrought by God’s great gift, Jesus Christ, are not ours by evidence, not by hypotheses proven by experiments. They are ours by choice. We believe. The choice is the most democratic one we may ever have. It is freely offered as a gift to every person who has, or does, or will ever live. It is a choice which allows us to experience inward and spiritual grace. It is also a choice that calls us to lives that produce signs, distinctive behaviour, that will be noticed by those around us. It is a choice that sets us apart from the rest of the world, and yet urges us to invite the rest of the world to join us. It is a choice that calls us to make Easter, and a sense of the presence of Christ, alive not just for fifty days but every day. This is the choice each of us will carry with us as we leave this place today, the choice to live each day spreading the joy and vitality of this love of God to all people for all time.  Alleluia!  Easter 4c 19