The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

Epiphany 5c, 19

Like Peter, none of us thinks of ourselves as evangelists. Let alone that we might heal people or write scripture. But one day, a letter you write to someone might bring that someone closer to God in Christ. That is scripture. One day you will reach out to care for someone and they will be healed. One day you will say something that will cause someone else to say, “You know, I never thought of things that way before,” and you will have become a teacher. Jesus does not call us because we are worthy. Or, because we are qualified for the jobs he calls us to do. We are worthy and can do everything he did and more because he calls us. Everything and more! Our boats will be filled with fish, our pews with people, if only we will take the time to listen to Jesus and follow him. From now on may we catch people for Jesus so they too can know what it feels like to be made worthy to stand before God. If Peter could do it, so can we!  Epiphany 5c 19