The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

Advent 4c, 2018

This morning in our Gospel reading Mary shares her song with us and asks us to sing the Magnificat with her. She invites us to delight with her in the God who turns the world upside down, who saves us through this girl’s courage.  Mary always points us to her Son, the one redeemer. Her existence reminds us that we can be as she is: the faithful disciple, the one who brings Christ to birth, the soul espoused to God.  Without such joy, Christianity is ever in danger of becoming less than itself, falling into    respectable dullness or mean-spirited fanaticism.  However, where this joy of Mary singing the Magnificat is set free, Christianity becomes confident, the harbinger of an eternal springtime, rich with hope for this world and the next.  We live in a time when people ache for such a hope. May we help them find it in the liberating God who is the subject of Mary’s song and the centre of Mary’s life.  Advent 4c 18