The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

Advent 3c, 2018

Just as babies are not born without a period of gestation in the darkness of the womb, and just as spring bulbs do not blossom without a waiting period in the dark soil, so we do not bloom and flourish without times of quiet and rest.  The season of Advent is one of those times, a time of waiting and preparation.  Take advantage of this gift of time – don’t let all your time in the next couple of weeks be totally caught up in the frantic holiday craziness.  Find some time to reflect on John’s call to repentance – which is not just about sin and forgiveness, but about turning around, turning back to God.  In that process of turning around, if you are willing to listen, you may hear more clearly the promptings of the Spirit deep in the quietness of your heart, and receive a clearer vision of how you are called to live out the words of the prophet Isaiah to bring freedom to the captives, sight to the blind, and good news to the poor.  And may the Advent season help you find that essential balance between being and doing, between action and  contemplation, so that one may inform and nourish the other.  Advent 3c 18