The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

Easter 3b, 2018

Clergy and Lay Chalice Assistants are the ones who distribute communion in our        congregation, giving bread and saying, “The Body of Christ”.  But in a way, everyone laity and clergy alike, distribute the Body of Christ in various ministries.  Imagine when you give a cheque to a worthwhile charity, placing it in the treasurer’s hand and saying, “The Body of Christ, give for you.”  Imagine delivering Meals on Wheels, saying “The Body of Christ.”  Imagine at a visit to a prison extending an encouraging word of love and adding, “The Body of Christ.”  Imagine teaching the truths of God to a Sunday School class, and concluding by saying, “This is the Body of Christ.”  Imagine spreading the Good News to those who do not know God, telling others about the joy you find in your faith, and declaring, “Share with me the Body of Christ.”  Let us go forth with the power of today’s Gospel message firmly implanted in our lives, renewed and reflecting the words of St. Augustine:

You are the Body of Christ.  In you and through you the work of the incarnation must go forward.  You are to be taken.  You are to be blessed, broken and distributed, that you may be the means of grace and the vehicles of eternal love.  Easter 3b 18