The Melanesian Martyrs' Memorial Church of St Andrews

Lent 4b, 2018

For about 1000 years, this Sunday, the Sunday in the middle of Lent, has been a little special.  Today it is know as Refreshment (or, in Latin, Laetare) Sunday.  This day also falls on Mothering Sunday, and in our part of the world Harvest Thanksgiving is also often celebrated on this day.  In the Middle Ages, the penitential disciplines of Lent were relaxed somewhat, there were some provisions for feasting and celebrations (and the Pope distributed bread to the poor).  This special Sunday has become a chance to lighten up, to pause in the middle of lent, relax, and get some perspective on how things really are.

That’s what today’s lesson are about.  They all share a single, important, and refreshing theme – but it takes a little time to find that.  They don’t start out that way!  Lent 4b 18